Some time ago, a blogger called TBM left a comment on our site.   Of course, we visited her site and this is what we found.  One day she made a decision to change her life.  She wanted it to be full and she wanted it to be happy.  She set three goals:  Visit 192 countries.  Watch the 100 top movies, in order.  Read 1001 books.  She didn’t just visit countries, she climbed mountains.  Her travel photos are amazing and make us feel as if our feet are on the ground in those same places.  She’s working her way through the movie list and sharing her reviews.  But most of all,  she didn’t just start reading 1001 books, she wrote one:  A Woman Lost.   We are very excited for her.  Visit her site 50yearproject and buy her book on Amazon.  You won’t be disappointed in either.  She is one of those people who come in to your life and make it just a little bit better than it was before.  She’s what my grandmother used to call a “gem”.

We aren’t cooking this week because we hit the tomato motherlode at the produce auction.  Five pounds of romas to dry in the oven.  18 pounds of chocolate cherry tomatoes to pickle and 20 pound of Black Krim heirloom tomatoes.  Oh and four cantalope.   This is what we did.  33 jars total and two full bags of dried tomatoes for the winter.


Black Krim heirloom tomatoes

Black Krim heirloom tomatoes

Black Krim tomatoes becoming salsa

Black Krim tomatoes becoming salsa

finished salsa

finished salsa


chocolate cherry tomatoes

chocolate cherry tomatoes



VANILLA MELON JAM (recipe from the Preservation Kitchen cookbook)

This isn’t a thick jam but it is wonderful.  Mixed with yogurt, on ice cream, on crostini with goat cheese and soppresatta. It’s amazing


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  1. agree with you about TBM and love your harvest!

  2. TBM says:

    Wowzers: Five pounds of romas to dry in the oven. 18 pounds of chocolate cherry tomatoes to pickle and 20 pound of Black Krim heirloom tomatoes. I admire all that you two accomplish.

    And thanks so much for the lovely comments. Much appreciated and another reason why I love bloggers. Almost everyone I’ve met are so sweet and supportive. Thanks so much. And I think you two are gems.

  3. thank you so much. that means a lot from a woman who climbs mountains! and thanks for letting us see so much of the world, vicariously though it may be.

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  5. likeitiz says:

    TBM’s story serves as an inspiration to the rest of us! I want to emulate what she has journeyed through.

    Hey, love your photos. I’m salivating just reading about it. The cantaloupe sounds just wonderful. I think I’ll take the Cherry tomatoes with Bay leaves and Rosemary. Thank you very much!

  6. wow – always amazed at the fabulous food you all prepare and photograph. Will check out 50yearproject, another amazing person (like you) to get to know on line.

  7. Great stuff!! my tomatoes will soon be ready to glut and I’m wondering how you are canning your salsa? It looks great and I’d love to be able to have some ready on the shelf whenever the mood takes.. 🙂

  8. we looked at several salsa recipes – if you are canning them you can use any combination of ingredients as long as you have the correct amount of acid-we used a combination of organic lime juice and champagne vinegar. if you use 10 cups of chopped tomatoes (about 8 lbs) you need to use 1 cup of acid. if you’re not canning, you don’t need to worry about the acid but the lime juice is a nice addition. we used fresh cilantro, parsley, garlic, and peppers from the garden both hot and sweet. enjoy your tomatoes. our season is almost over.

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