It’s Mothers Day.

Thank you for every word you’ve spoken, email you’ve written, and gift you’ve given that shows us that you understand that empty nest is real and that you are cheering for us.  The gardening books, the cast iron pans, the measuring cups, the cookbooks, the wine glasses, the plants in the backyard, each one signifying a family member, these are remarkable gifts.  As you left the nest, you too realized the truth in the words of AA Milne when he wrote:  “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”   That the excitement of the unknown and the possibilities and promises it holds, trumps the sadness of farewell is no small lesson.   It may be a lesson that we taught each other at the same time.


Thank you for being so generous in sharing with us your interests, experiences and your dreams.  Your curiosity and courage has rekindled ours.


You are, each and every one of you, smart, funny, creative, compassionate and kind.  We may have played a small part in nurturing those qualities, but you are who you are because of you.


We love you.


We aren’t cooking today.  Denise’s daughter Erin is making us a Mother’s Day dinner.  Thanks Erin!

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  1. lillianccc says:

    To my favorite virtual mothers who can cook like nobody’s business:
    Happy Mother’s Day. Wishing both you and your families lots more good times!

  2. snati001 says:

    Very nice words. I hope you had a very Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  3. likeitiz says:

    Hello, Denise and Sandy! I hope your Mother’s Day celebration was just as you liked it. We did not get to have a real celebration as we were traveling back home yesterday. I’d like to think that my entire week of being almost cut-off from work (and even the Internet) was a Mother’s Day treat of sorts. My daughter wants to cook for us this coming weekend!

  4. Hi Mary-Ann. We hope you had a wonderful vacation. It is a treat to disconnect sometimes. You’ll have to let us know what your daughter makes for dinner!

  5. TBM says:

    Love the Milne quote and happy belated Mother’s day!

    • thanks. we hope you had a terrific vacation and can’t wait to see the pictures. Milne seems to have to capture life’s most emotional moments with few words and yet the words make you smile and bring it all in to perspective. quite a gift.

  6. Love that quote as I have never heard it before. Mother’s day should be about us being thankful for our kids, you are so right, and this is so lovely.

  7. Thanks. he has the best quotes for this part of our lives and theirs. they strike every chord. sometimes we think that everything you really need to know about parenting and parenthood was written either by Erma Bombeck or AA Milne.

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