We were surprised and happy to see the email from lillianc, nominating us for the Illuminating Blogger Award.  We love the enthusiasm that lillian possesses. It seems to jump right off the screen.  It’s contagious.

We have to post one random thing about ourselves.  While we may spend hours in the winter looking for the perfect recipe for the perfect dessert, in the summer it’s S’mores, week in, week out.

Our Nominees:

1.  – this is an inspirational site as we follow oceana65’s journey.

2.  We’ve driven 2 hours for eggs and plants.  If only Ohio was closer.

3.   We’re sure that Luann has received awards for her writing for the newspaper.  We hope she enjoys getting an award for her blog.

4.   love the recipes, love the humor, just love mike.

5.   grown and flown was our first “like” and comment.  we might have not written a second post except for her kind words.

Illuminating Blogger Award

    • Visit the award site and leave a comment indicating who you’ve been nominated by
    • Thank the person that nominated you with a comment and link back to your blog
    • Include a courtesy link back to the official award site in your own blog post
    • Share 1 random thing about yourself
    • Select 5 or more nominees
    • Notify your nominees with a comment and link to the original site (

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  1. You are far too kind, I love your blog, even if i only get to enjoy your wonderful meals vicariously.

  2. Thanks so much I am truly honoured, and glad that you received this well-deserved honour – glad I found your blog – cheers!

  3. We’re honored that a writer would like our blog. Thank you.

  4. Food Stories says:

    Congrats on your nomination 🙂

  5. carrie says:


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