Denise is away for the weekend.  We have a post ready but I’m going to sneak one in  and post about my friend.

When I moved here, divorced with two kids, she was there, living across the street, to welcome me. She was generous with both her time and her company.  She has a generous spirit, my friend, and it made it easier for us to settle in.  She watched my daughter in the summers during the weeks I couldn’t afford camp.  She will tell you that it was her idea because she needed a mother’s helper but the truth is, it was done with that same same spirit of generosity.  I can never thank her enough for the amount of guilt she took off my shoulders.   If I couldn’t be home,  at least I could be certain that my daughter would have a happy day.

She loves my children as if they were her own, as I do hers.  We share the same vision for our children and possess the same determination to do whatever it takes to make them believe that the possibilities that exist in their hearts can become their reality. We have been there for each other for every victory and every defeat they have experienced and for every smile and every tear that has ever graced their faces.   We have laughed until we cried over the “what on earth were they thinking when they did that?” moments.

Some might say we are a unlikely pair.  She is forward thinking.  I am a class A procrastinator. She accomplishes more in a day sometimes than I do in a week.  She is exuberant and enthusiastic about anything that sparks her interest.  She is Tigger to my Roo. She is an immaculate housekeeper and I tend to be a slob.  But over the years, I have been influenced by her to be neater and she has been influenced by me to be a little more relaxed.

My son gave us the War of Art which speaks to the artificial obstacles people put in the way of achieving goals that matter to them.  In the book it’s called “resistance”. When she read it, she didn’t understand some of the examples of “resistance” and thought it was because she wasn’t “artsy”. The truth is, she didn’t understand it because she’s courageous and resistance would have to clobber her over the head and knock her unconscious in order to have any effect.

We work well in the kitchen together. I don’t think we’ve ever bumped in to each other or duplicated a task, even in our most disorganized state.  We work well on the blog together. She finds the field trips and has a much better eye for a recipe than I do.  I polish the writing and answer the comments people are kind enough to make.  She is Pooh to my Piglet.

I went through “empty nest” first.  She didn’t really understand but made a great effort to comfort me and lift me out of my puddle of tears.  When it was her turn, I was there with a box of tissues.  “I didn’t understand” she said.  “It’s okay” I said, “Have another tissue-we’ll figure it out”

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  1. Beautiful description of friendship. Lucky friends!

  2. Louisa says:


  3. thank you. that means a lot!

  4. what a beautiful post – you are so lucky to have found each other

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